Pool Filter Sand Change

The sand based water filter for your pool is the low effort option for water filtering. Needing little attention aside from the periodic (6 to 8 weeks) backwash and rinse with replacement of the sand every 5 to 7 years for most home pools. Because of the long time between sand replacement the common reasons prompting people to replace their sand is the following symptoms usually related to blockage – increasing pressure in the filter.

  • Slower water flow – may cause your pool cleaner to malfunction
  • Bulging of the sand filter itself which may lead to cracking and needing replacement of the entire unit.

* Depending on a pressure reading on your sand filter alone may not be enough, as ageing filters often have inaccurate pressure gauges due to wear and tear.

We offer free use of a “Slurpee” tool when you purchase sand from us that allows the sand to be sucked out of your filter using flow of water from your garden hose, making a sand change an afternoon job of a couple hours for most people should you choose to perform it yourself.

If you have never done a sand change before we offer free advice and a printed guide when you visit us in store or when in doubt doing the sand replacement at home simply call us for answers.

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