Energy Saving Pumps

Pools need many things to keep them fit for swimming.

Cost factor comes into play and by far running your Pool Pump is the most expensive. Everybody has noticed ever increasing cost in electricity and now energy efficiency is more important than ever.

The choice of Pump now is the Viron range from Hurlcon using an optimised water pump assembly, variable pump speed settings and a DC Motor – so not only can you save money from a pump that moves more water per kilowatt hour, but you can also have your pump working at a rate to suit your pools needs and adjust according to pool usage.

One customer explained how his kilowatt consumption went down from 39c per hour, to 19c per hour. The Hurlcon Viron 300 saves between $500 to $1000 per year in electricity costs – its the pump that more than pays for itself!

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