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Pool Filter Sand Change

The sand based water filter for your pool is the low effort option for water filtering. Needing little attention aside from the periodic (6 to 8 weeks) backwash and rinse with replacement of the sand every 5 to 7 years for most home pools. Because of the long time between sand replacement the common reasons prompting people to replace their sand is the following symptoms usually related to blockage – increasing pressure in the filter.

  • Slower water flow – may cause your pool cleaner to malfunction
  • Bulging of the sand filter itself which may lead to cracking and needing replacement of the entire unit.

* Depending on a pressure reading on your sand filter alone may not be enough, as ageing filters often have inaccurate pressure gauges due to wear and tear.

We offer free use of a “Slurpee” tool when you purchase sand from us that allows the sand to be sucked out of your filter using flow of water from your garden hose, making a sand change an afternoon job of a couple hours for most people should you choose to perform it yourself.

If you have never done a sand change before we offer free advice and a printed guide when you visit us in store or when in doubt doing the sand replacement at home simply call us for answers.

Energy Saving Pumps

Pools need many things to keep them fit for swimming.

Cost factor comes into play and by far running your Pool Pump is the most expensive. Everybody has noticed ever increasing cost in electricity and now energy efficiency is more important than ever.

The choice of Pump now is the Viron range from Hurlcon using an optimised water pump assembly, variable pump speed settings and a DC Motor – so not only can you save money from a pump that moves more water per kilowatt hour, but you can also have your pump working at a rate to suit your pools needs and adjust according to pool usage.

One customer explained how his kilowatt consumption went down from 39c per hour, to 19c per hour. The Hurlcon Viron 300 saves between $500 to $1000 per year in electricity costs – its the pump that more than pays for itself!

Zodiac MX8 Baracuda

$50 Cashback from Zodiac! See in store for details

The NEW Zodiac Baracuda MX8 is a high performance suction cleaner unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Cyclone Vacuum Technology

Cyclonic Vacuum Technology ensures the MX8 captures maximum debris whilst maintaining maximum cleaning power.  Cyclonic suction also allows for a wider cleaning path; ensuring both large and small debris is consumed with ease.
X-Drive Navigation
X-Drive Technology provides optimal navigation for aggressive wall and floor cleaning resulting in unparalleled pool coverage.
X-Trax Tyres
Provide extreme manoeuvrability and climbing performance, even in tight corners and on vertical walls.
Flex Power Turbine
Ultra-efficient power source provides maximum torque while operating at low flow, not burdening the pool system.
Adjustable Mouth Inlet
The MX8 comes equipped with an adjustable mouth inlet that lets you adjust the size of the throat intake depending on the size of the debris in your pool.  If you have larger debris the mouth inlet can simply be removed in seconds.

Zodiac Ei

The worlds easiest to install, operate and maintain chlorinator, Ei can be installed and set up in less than 15 minutes and best of all you can do it yourself.

Ei Saltwater Pool Chlorinator Features

Convert to a healthy saltwater pool and eliminate the need for liquid chlorine.
Installs easily with the patented DIY ‘quick fit’ drill and clamp system.
Set up is a breeze simply set the clock, timers and desired output, add salt to the pool and you’re done.
Low maintenance electrolytic cell, with automated self-cleaning function (reverse polarity)
*Pricing available On Application ($POA).

Zodiac Suction Cleaners

A proven pool cleaning workhorse with its robust design, the Baracuda G2 Suction Pool Cleaner is a highly efficient suction cleaner with great manoeuvrability.

The Baracuda G2 Suction Pool Cleaner features a hydrodynamic shape that directs water flow, increasing its suction on your pool’s surfaces.

Baracuda G2 Suction Pool Cleaner Features

Stronger suction cleaning that pulls in difficult debris.

Disk structure provides optimal adhesion, whilst it’s pliable inserts scrub the pools surfaces.

Free-swivelling inner cassette system increases random coverage of your swimming pool.

Quick ‘twist-and-release’ cassette for self-maintenance.

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